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Pip Pip Pip Hooray!

Literary Significance
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Charles Dickens' Great Expectations is one of the big important transitions in Mister Dickens' time. He uses vibrant details/images that create a picture in our minds; his use of his own perspective of his life, his research or his information for his topic on this book shows what he can do and shows what he can bring into the world. Mister Dickens Great Expectations was a new topic of this time and age. This book contained a very powerful stretch of concrete images that are visible, with the emotions/mood that helps the picture come alive. But, besides the attention on imagery and the strong hold on mood, and other parts that adds to the book its true colors, it still has a concrete concentration on the story itself. Mister Dickens’ truly shows his colors by combining all these qualities for a successful book into one, and creates such a hold on a journey of a young boy named Pip.

Also another quality that plays a big role in the creation of Great Expectations such a successful book within the land of literature, is that his amazing use of irony and coincidences that he pulls of very natural seeming and reasonable. Great Expectations has a lot of irony and reasonable coincidences that "just" happen. Usually, in any other book, the constant use of irony/reasonable coincidences would seen to the reader that this author would not be a very successful reader, and that he is maybe lacking experience to write such a crowded and "fake" novel that does not connect. It would show of a very unsmooth and unreasonable situations that would be hard to relate with and nonetheless picture within the reader's mind. Yet Great Expectations irony/reasonable coincidences are tied together and set to where its smooth, connects, and creates deep images within the minds of readers that adds to the fame of this book. When reading the book, it all clicks together where the reader is able to see yet be blinded of the situation that is about to come up next. This book, I believe, gives a lot of unpredictable situations too enhance the curiosity, which catches the reader's interest.

The End =)