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Pip Pip Pip Hooray!

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1) Wealth cannot bring true happiness.
 This is the key theme throughout the novel and is probably the most obvious. Pip thinks that he can only achieve true happiness in life if he has wealth, but his life ends up being far worse when he does have money than when he was poor. Throughout the novel Joe provides a constant reminder that one can have a perfectly wonderful life even with a low income. The author intended to show how the amount of money you posses doesn’t effect your level of happiness.
2) A gentleman is not a rich man.
 At the beginning of the novel, when Pip says that he wants to be a gentleman so that he can win over Estella he is interpreting the word gentleman incorrectly. Magwitch uses the word correctly when he says to Pip, “I’ve seen my boy and he  can be a gentleman without me” (Dickens 571). Pip thinks that a gentleman means a rich man, but its proper usage is when referring to a kind, gentle- hearted, or good person. When Magwitch refers to Pip as a gentleman, it shows how great a respect he held for him.
3) Outer appearance is often misleading.
 When Pip is trying to find clothes for Magwitch he says, ”The more I dressed him, the better I dressed him, the more he looked like the slouching fugitive on the  marshes” (Dickens 430). Magwitch may have looked like a dreadful criminal on the outside but on the inside he was a kind, generous man. Dickens wanted to show the reader that there is more to people than what you see at first glance, and that one should not judge others.
4) True love is not always as it seems.
 Pip says consistently throughout the story that he loves Estella. Pip is just attracted to Estella’s beauty, for he knew nothing about the kind of person that she really is when he first met her. Pip does not really love Estella; he loves the image. Man should not waste his life loving one who will never love them back.



The End =)