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Pip Pip Pip Hooray!


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Pip (Phillip Pirrip, Handel) – The narrator of the novel who tells of his life’s journey and adventures
Joe Gargery – Pip’s brother in law, a blacksmith, who is always kind towards Pip
Mrs. Joe Gargery (Georgiana M’Ria) – Pip’s sister who is later attacked by Orlick and eventually dies
Dolge Orlick – Joe’s assistant who kills Mrs. Joe and attempts to kill Pip
Biddy – A young girl from Pip’s night class who helps nurse Mrs. Joe and teach Pip many important things
Uncle Pumblechook – Joe’s uncle who sets up Joe’s first meeting with Miss Havisham; he also boasts around town about being the reason for Pip’s good fortune.
Miss Havisham – A rich, old woman who Pip entertains on occasion and is Estella’s mother through adoption
Estella – The beautiful woman whom Pip falls in love with, but she never has feelings for him; she is the daughter of Magwitch and Molly
Abel Magwitch (Provis) – The convict who meets Pip early in the story and is the supplier of Pip’s fortune; he is the father of Estella; he is later caught trying to leave England and dies in prison
Mr. Trabb – The town’s tailor and undertaker
Trabb’s boy – Often mocks Pip but also helps save him from Orlick
Mr. Wopsle (Waldengraver) – A clerk that works in Pip’s church that quits and becomes an actor in London
Mr. Jaggers – A successful trial lawyer in London who is the first to tell Pip of his great expectations and becomes his temporary guardian; he also served as Magwitch’s trial lawyer, Miss Havisham’s personal lawyer, and the employer of Molly
John Wemmick – Clerk for Mr. Jaggers; befriends Pip and invites him to his home on several occasions
Molly – Estella’s mother and servant to Mr. Jaggers
Aged Parent – Wemmick’s deaf father
Miss Skiffins – Marries John Wemmick
Herbert Pocket (Pale Young Gentleman) – Pip and he first meet at Miss Havisham’s house as young boys where they have a fist fight and Pip wins; They become roommates in London and best friends; He is the son of Mathew Pocket
Clara Barley – The woman to whom Herbert marries after her abusive father dies
Bill Barley (Gruffandgrim) – Clara’s bedridden father
Startop – A young man that is tutored by Mr. Pocket with Pip; he later helps rescue Pip from Orlick and helps in Magwitch’s escape attempt
Mathew Pocket – Pip’s tutor and Miss Havisham’s cousin
Bentley Dummle – A cantankerous young man who is tutored by Mr. Pocket; he later marries Estella and beats her and then dies from being thrown from a horse
Compeyson (Second Convict) – Becomes partners in crime with Magwitch and later betrays him and is killed by him; Earlier he becomes engaged to Miss Havisham and then leaves her and steals much of her money
Arthur – Miss Havisham’s half-brother who assists Compeyson in stealing money from her
Stranger at the Three Jolly Bargemen – A convict friend of Magwitch who delivers three one-pound notes to pip for Magwitch and uses Joe’s file to identify himself




The End =)