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A Jolly Good Novel
 “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens is not what I would call a particularly
exciting novel.  Neither would I call it mysterious, funny, or brilliant.  So
what is Dickens supposedly greatest work mean to me?  To me, the lowly 9th grade
English student, this book was nothing… but a book.
 Charles Dickens must not be the master of a good action packed story, as I
could find no real action scenes between the covers of this book.  Some lousy
fist fights and some whacks in the head is all I found.  To me, action is what
makes a book work.  Like any movie, without some action, the book will flop.  A
good action scene drives the story, brings it from one point to another without
having the reader pass out from boredom (as I have many times during the course
of this story). I would prefer to read about Pip’s fight with the Pale Young
Gentlemen over Jagger’s long-winded dialogue any day.  Of course, I take into
account that maybe the people of 19th century England did not care for any
action at all!  Maybe all they could care about is complex storylines about
complex characters.  Anyway, if Charles Dickens didn’t mean to put any action
into his book, or maybe just because “Great Expectations” was just not meant to
have any action, then please forgive me.
 I love any book, story, article, movie, and anything else, with humor in it.  I
think comedy is the best thing in the world.  It lets you relax for a second
because all you can do for the moment is laugh.  I doubt that anyone would think
about their little worries while laughing aloud at a stand-up comedian.  Now
“Great Expectations” is a different story.  I found some attempts at humor here
and there, but it was seriously not funny.  I could tell it was meant to make
the reader laugh, but I, personally, did not laugh at all.   Dickens’ humor
pokes fun at the stereotypical types of people, such as the rich.  Humor is an
important factor in most books, and Dickens’ “Great Expectations” seemed to lack
it.  However, the readers of Dickens’ time may also be very unaccustomed to
humor and would not like it at all in the stories.  This may be the reason why
“Great Expectations” was so successful in the 19th century, but in today’s
standards, it would be junk.
 All negative aspects aside, “Great Expectations” is an O.K. book.  It contains
all that is needed for a story: Main character, Plot, Villains, and Settings,
and all of these are described in incredible detail.  The one thing about
Dickens it that he is able to bring these characters; these places to life, and
he does so with such skill one could just see Magwitch in his dirty clothes or
Miss Havisham, trapped inside her lonely house.  “Great Expectations” is a hard
book to swallow in one day.  Dickens wrote it in serial form, and that is the
way it was meant to be read.  Reading more than 10 chapters a day can get very
confusing and it is hard to understand all the information that Dickens
presents.  This is a great book to be read slowly, day by day, and not one to be
read all at once.
 “Great Expectations” may be considered the best of Dickens, but I found nothing
about it so noteworthy.  It may very well be because I am simply a novice at the
art of reading long classical works, or maybe I just don’t really take a shine
to Dickens’ style of writing that much.  All in all, “Great Expectations” is a
book only to be read by the most bored of peoples.
by:Kevin Tran


Great Expectations by Charles Dickens was a lengthy book, and at times, hard to get through. After reading it, though, I can truly see why this book remains a classic to this day. Charles Dickens created a masterpiece where the reader not only can see clearly everything described, but also walk among and get to know Pip and the other characters. The book draws you into itself, and you are part of the book. Dickens beautifully uses figurative language, pulling in the reader even deeper. I was touched by the kindness of Joe and Herbert and on the other hand, annoyed with Miss Camilia and Mrs. Pocket. The lessons Pip learns can be applied to my life, and while Pip learns them, I learned them too. The book had become part of me also.

by:Melissa Fwu



In my opinion, the book Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is a classic and is one of my new favorites. Although I did not enjoy the length, I thought that the storyline was beautifully written and a true delight to read. I admit that in the beginning it was really slow, but as I started to get closer towards the end I became completely engrossed and was left wondering each time I stopped reading. I enjoyed Dickens style of writing because it is very unique and different from other authors. Great Expectations is a lot different from all the other books that I have read before. When I read it, it made me feel like an adult, because Dickens was so knowledgeable and it shows in everything he writes. I feel like I have accomplished something great by reading a Dickens novel and have become a smarter man. I do admire Charles Dickens because any man that can keep the attention of a fifteen year old boy for over six-hundred pages is a far better writer than any other I have seen so far.
 This book has taught me many important life lessons, and I think I have benefited greatly from reading it. Before reading this I had never really thought of what a gentleman is and I will definitely use the word more wisely in the future. I also will try to not judge someone based on their outer appearance. But the most important thing I think this has taught me is to not wish for wealth. I now realize that money will not make me a happier person, and I can be perfectly happy with what I have now. I think that teachers should continue to teach this book at a young age forever because young people will benefit greatly from the principles this novel enforces and will also love the excellent story. Overall, this book is an excellent story and I am very glad that I have had the opportunity to read and research it.

by:Brett Hansen


When I first saw Great Expectations I was quite frightened. The version I brought was about two inches thick and I had no idea how I was going to get through this monster. Even though I did fall asleep a couple of times, I eventually got through it page by page, section by section. The first stage was incredibly long and dragged on a little too much. I was extremely glad that the second stage was comparably shorter. Once I reached the third stage, something strange happened. I began to enjoy the book. Once all the pieces of the puzzle came together and was able to see the big picture, I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. I was especially surprised to find out that Magwitch was Estella's father and that Joe and Biddy get married. As for the two endings, I was happy that Pip finally ends with up Estella in the end, but I still liked the original ending better. I thought it went more with the book and was actually a happier ending than the rewrite. Accepting and being happy with your current life was what the book was trying to teach. Overall, other than its innumerable pages, I thought this book was very well planned out and taught lessons that are valuable to people of all ages.

by:Elisabeth Kim


The End =)