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Pip Pip Pip Hooray!

Plot Summary

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Stage 1: Philip Pirrip, an orphan, is in a graveyard in Kent looking at his parents' and brothers' tombstones when a frightening escaped convict threatens to kill him unless Pip brings him food and a file and keeps the encounter a secret. Pip returns home to his strict elder sister, Mrs. Joe, and her kind husband the village blacksmith, Joe Gargery. Pip keeps his promise the next day only to have his convict captured along with another convict he was fighting later that night. Life goes on as usual, with Pip going to school, until Uncle Pumblechook announces that Pip has been invited to play at the house of Miss Havisham, a wealthy but strange lady. Arriving at Satis House, he finds that everything seems to have been stopped in time, from Miss Havisham's garments to the clocks. There he meets and starts to admire the beautiful and proud Estella who scorns him and makes him cry. He leaves, wishing that his life was less common and poor and more like Estella's uptown life. A few days later in the Jolly Bargemen, a stranger slyly shows Pip his convict's file and gives him a shilling and two pounds. The next time Pip returns to Satis House, he meets Miss Havisham's self-seeking relatives who have come to visit her on her birthday. After the visit is over, a "pale young gentleman" invites Pip to fight. Pip wins and Estella allows him to kiss her. Some time later, Miss Havisham invites Joe also, and she "gives" Pip to Joe to be apprenticed. After apprenticed, something he has wished for his entire life, Pip is very unhappy and remains ashamed of his life. When Pip ask for a holiday to visit Estella, Joe's worker, Orlick is angered and gets in a verbal fight with Mrs. Joe and a physical one with Joe. Pip returns from Havisham's to find that Mrs. Joe has been attacked and is now an invalid. Pip suspects Orlick, and Biddy comes to stay with them to take care of Mrs. Joe. One day a London lawyer, Mr. Jaggers, appears and tells Pip that he is to be made into a gentleman with great expectations. Pip is very excited, thinking that Mrs. Havisham is his benefactor and indeed wants him for Estella. While preparing to leave for London, Pip becomes arrogant and looks down on his current life. He leaves feeling slightly remorseful for the way he treated Joe and Biddy.
Stage 2: Arriving in London, Pip finds it dirty and very much overrated. Upon meeting Mr. Jaggers, Pip realizes how much power his guardian has. Wemmick, Jaggers assistant, takes Pip to Barnyard's Inn, where Mr. Matthew Pocket's, Pip's tutor, son dwells. Herbert Pocket turns out to be the pale young gentleman and is a very pleasant and agreeable roommate. He and Pip, who is given the name Handel, become fast friends. From Herbert learns about how Mrs. Havisham had her heart broken by her fiancÚ, a swindling criminal who worked in league with her brother to seek revenge and take her money. Pip meets the rest of the Pocket family and finds them very absentminded and his other classmates, delicate Startop and disagreeable Drummle. Pip learns more about Mr. Jaggers and "portable property" from befriending her clerk, Wemmick, who invites him to dinner. Wemmick's dwelling, Walworth, is like a castle, and there Wemmick is an entirely different person. His stern and cynical persona is replaced with cheeriness and a comic love towards his aged parent. At Jaggers's for dinner, Jaggers' oppressive presence seems to bring out the worst in everyone, including the anger management needy Drummle. There Pip also notices the housekeeper, Molly, a "wild beast tamed". Pip dreads Joe's visit, and when he arrives, acts very aloof towards him. Joe, ever loving, understands that Pip is part of a different world now. On the way home, Pip overhears the stranger at the Jolly Bargeman, now a convict being transferred to hulks, say that Pip's convict had given him money to give to Pip. Again at Satis House, Pip sees that Estella has bloomed into a beautiful refined lady but still holds the same attitude towards him. The next day, instead of visiting Joe and Biddy, he walks around the town and is mocked for his arrogance by Trabb's boy. Upon returning to London, Pip tells Herbert about his love for Estella and Herbert in return tells Pip about his fiancÚ Clara. They go watch a play in which Mr. Wopsle, a childhood acquaintance now an actor, is in. Receiving a note from Estella that she is to arrive in London sets Pip off in a frenzy. He goes with Wimmick to Newgate Prison, a dirty and depressing place which leaves him feeling tainted, before he meets Estella at the coach-office. Though he is miserable every moment with Estella, he still longs to be with her always. Pip and Herbert are living lavishly and in debt. They pretend to be happy, but deep down they know that they are not. The returning to his hometown to attend the funeral of Mrs. Joe is a welcome break from Pip's unsatisfactory life in London. There he reconciles himself with Joe and Biddy. On Pip's twenty-first birthday, Pip hopes to learn the name of his benefactor. Jaggers reveals nothing but the fact that Pip will now receive a fixed yearly income of five hundred pounds. With Wemmick's help at Walworth, Pip uses part of the money to get Herbert a partnership in the merchant business. Pip continues to love Estella. He often spends time with her, only to see her pay more attention to other men. She warns him not to love her, but he takes no heed. He accompanies her to visit Miss. Havisham where Havisham accuses Estella of not loving her, but Estella replies that Havisham never taught her to love. Pip discovers from Drummle that he is courting Estella. Pip tries to talk to Estella about him, but she laughs it off, telling him that she lures many except him. At twenty-three, Pip and Herbert have moved and live in Garden Court in the Temple. One night when Herbert was gone for business, a stranger appears. Pip is confused at what business the stranger has with him until he realizes it is his convict. His convict then slowly reveals that he is Pip's benefactor. He was touched by Pip's kindness as a boy and worked hard throughout the years in the New World so that Pip may become a gentleman. He is risking his life to be in England with Pip. Pip is appalled with this revelation and its messenger. His hopes to be meant for Estella, the love of his life, come crashing down around him.
Stage 3: Pip decides that his convict, Abel Magwitch, will be identified as his Uncle Provis and disguised after tripping over a mysterious unrevealed person on his stairs. Herbert, though, is let in on the secret. Pip looks down on his convict's "low" ways, and decides that he will not longer accept his money. Also, he will try to get his convict out of the country as soon as possible and leave him. Magwitch tells Pip and Herbert about his past, from his childhood when he had to steal to the other convict on the marshes, Compeyson, who betrayed Magwitch at their trial and got off with a lighter sentence. Compeyson, who turns out to be Havisham's lover, had another partner, Arthur, Havishmam's brother, whom was driven mad by guilt. Pip goes to Satis House to say goodbyes and he tells Havisham that it was unkind of her to be misleading and begs her to help Herbert since he can no longer. Also he proclaims his love to Estella. While Miss Havisham seems touched, Estella is still unfeeling and tells him that she is to be married to Drummle. Pip returns to find a note from Wemmick, telling him not to go home. Visiting Wemmick the next day, Pip learns that Magwitch is being watched by Compeyson and is in danger. While Pip was gone, Herbert hid Magwitch at Clara's house. Pip goes to visit Magwitch and finds him "softened" despite the constant chaos of Clara's drunken father. Pip tells him about their plan to get him out of the country by river but not about Compeyson. Pip buys a rowboat, and seems to have changed his mind about leaving Magwitch. Nervous about the upcoming escape, Pip goes to see a play after rowing where Mr. Wopsle reveals that Compeyson was sitting behind him. At Jagger's for dinner, seeing the housekeeper again, Pip realizes that she must be Estella's mother. Pip asks Wemmick about Molly, and he tells him about how she was accused of murdering a woman over jealousy due to a tramping man and thought to have killed her daughter. Receiving a letter from Miss Havisham, he goes to see her. There she follows up on Pip's request for helping Herbert and then falls at his feet crying, begging for his forgiveness for hurting him through Estella. He reassures her, only to see her and her ancient wedding dress catch on fire as he is leaving. He rushes in to save her and is badly burned in the process. At home under the care of Herbert, Pip learns that Magwitch's story about a jealous woman matches Molly's, making him Estella's father. Jaggers confirm Molly's part. Pip receives a note from Wemmick, telling him that they should leave on Wednesday, and a second note from an unknown source. The note commands him to arrive at the limekiln at night to receive information about Uncle Provis. Telling no one, Pip goes to the meeting spot and is noosed and bound by Orlick. Obviously drunk, Orlick tells Pip about his hate for him and blames him for ruining his life. He owns up to trying to kill Mrs. Joe, being the man who Pip tripped over on the stairs, and having connections to Compeyson. He is about to kill Pip when Pip yells for help and much to his surprise, Herbert, Startop, and Trabb's boy come to his rescue. The day of the escape arrives and Herbert, Startop, and Pip go down the river and pick up the relatively calm Magwitch. Stopping at an inn at night, they learn of another boat, most likely belonging to the police or Compeyson. The next day, they continue and are almost at their goal, a German steamer, when the other boat with both the police and Compeyson shows up. The police orders Magwitch's arrest and the next instant, Magwitch and Compeyson are fighting under water. Only Magwich comes up again and is arrested. Pip stays at his side, and truly cares for him despite the fact that Magwitch's money has been taken away by the government. Herbert must leave for business and offers Pip a job, but Pip delays his answer and instead stays at Magwich's side in the prison infirmary whenever he can. In the midst of the sorrow, Wemmick and Miss Skiffins get married. Despite Pip's efforts, Magwitch is sentenced to death. In his last hours, Pip tells Magwitch that his daughter is still alive. Magwich peacefully passes away. Deep in debt, Pip becomes ill, and Joe comes to nurse him back to health. It seems to Pip that he is like a child again. He learns that Miss Havisham has died, Orlick has been arrested, and Joe can read and write. Joe pays off Pip's debts and leaves again much like his first visit, but this time Pip goes after him. Returning, he finds that Pumblechook has disowned their "relationship" and Joe and Biddy have gotten married. Pip asks for Joe and Biddy's forgiveness and promise to pay them pack. He goes to work for Herbert who has since married Clara. Eleven years later Pip visits Joe and Biddy again and finds that they have two children, one named after himself. Even though Pip is determined to remain a bachelor, he still thinks about Estella and decides to visit Satis House for her sake. He has heard that Drummle treated her badly and that he had died. The house has been torn down, and through the mist he sees Estella. She has changed and been humbled. Pip now holds a spot in her thawed heart, and they leave together and remain together.



The End =)